Online Art Workshops

Weekly Online Painting Class

Thursdays @ 6:30-8:00pm PST. All skill levels and mediums welcome.

Join me for a fun ZOOM art class. I do a live demo in every class. We will have an interactive session with step by step instructions. All skill levels welcome, no previous art experiece necessary. All mediums are welcome as well. You can paint along with me or sit back , enjoy your drink and be inspired to paint at your own pace later. For paint along, bring a painting surface of your choice (paper, canvas or panel) and one or more painting mediums (water color, tempura, acrylics, crayons, oil pastels or markers). Scroll down to see some thoughts on supplies. Sign up NOW and invite your friends & family. See testimonials here. Pay by venmo, paypal, zelle @ Email me or call at 1-914-419-3989 for details

Weekly Online Painting Class – Adults (NEW STUDENTS)

Thursdays @7:00-8:35pm PST


A few thoughts on Supplies

If you are not sure where to begin with supplies, here are some ideas. There are literally hundreds of choices in the market but these should get you started.

  • Easel: A light table or adjustable easel is a good idea although optional.
  • Acrylic set: There are many good brands out there. Try Liquitex Basics and Golden Landscape Painting set
  • Oil pastels: Mungyo oil pastels (pretty good!). Pentel oil pastels ( beginner grade.)
  • Water color set: Prang water color set. Many other brands that work as well.
  • Water color paper: Canson pad
  • Soft Pastels: Mungyo soft pastels (cost effective, good quality). Nu Pastel 24 set (Love these!)
  • Surface for Soft pastels: Uart 400 sanded paper. (Simply perfect!!)
  • Pastel Fixative: (optional) I like workable fixatives as I can keep building layers on them. Try Kyrlon workable fixative.
  • Storage, bags: To store your pastel art you can find various different brands of clear bags. A lot of pastel artists also use glassine paper to store their pastel art.

Research on Benefits of Art

“Creative activities can relieve stress, aid communication, and help arrest cognitive decline. Art is good medicine and art is good prevention, especially in times of stress and anxiety.” Harvard Health.

Study Finds Making Art Can Reduce Your Stress (No Matter How Skilled You Are)Lifehack.

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