Tuncer Toprakci: Great Art Classes by Artist Mandar Wagholikar. I have been observing Mandar’s activities in our community as an Artist for some time now.  After attending several of his painting demonstration activities around the town, I decided to try my hand in painting again after doing some painting more than 50 years ago. So far I have attended two of his ongoing painting classes.  I am very glad that I decided to learn from him. Currently I am concentrating on pastel painting.  After few more classes, I am also planning to learn acrylic painting from him.

Mandar is a very patient and passionate teacher. Any class you do with him is always enjoyable while learning a lot. His classes are great for beginners and the more advanced.  Mandar has a wonderful positive and encouraging teaching style.  He tries to tailor his class to suit for all of the members during the class.  He is incredibly patient and extremely knowledgeable.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend taking art classes from Mandar. In addition to being able to guide his beginner and advanced students, he helps them to understand the spirit of painting. 

Siska O.: “My daughter loved learning about different art techniques and creating her own masterpeices during “Adventurs in Color”. Tuesdays were much more fun since she knew the schoolday wpuld end on a creative, colorful note! The course also inspired her to draw and paint at home more often.”

Lou: “Lila had a wonderful time in Mandar’s ‘Adventures in Watercolor’ art class. She created some fantastic pieces that she is very proud of. In Lila’s own words “I really liked the class. I enjoyed the painting and want to be an artist when I grow up!” Mandar is a warm and talented teacher and an accomplished artist who really engages with the Children. The class is fun and I would recommend it for any budding young artist! Cheers!”

Kerry W. : I took a class with Mandar last weekend and had a revelation about color palette. I have been painting for years, mostly realism. Mandar’s explanation of using color value (rather than hue) in painting really opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. What fun! I believe I have found my new favorite medium!

Miriam I.: Mandar is an outstanding instructor. Both his demonstration and his hands-on approach in giving advice, encouragement and praise make the workshop a pure joy. The class is small enough to allow for individual one-one opportunities. I cannot wait for the next one.

Kim Ross: Mandar is a wonderful teacher. He simplified the process. His demonstration was very clear and made it look like something I could do. I never used the pastels before and ended up enjoying them very much. Mandar was extremely encouraging. He helped me choose what to paint, gave me suggestions all through the process when I asked, and was very available ( not just focusing on a few people).

Andria B: Mandar’s landscape painting class was so much fun! His approach to creating a pastel landscape is loose and use of color is rich and dream like. I would recommend his classes to my artistic friends. For an enjoyable experience take a pastel class with Mandar!

Kim: This was my first pastel class ever. I am 49 years old and was really nervous about trying a new medium. Mandar was so patient and fun and I learned so much in this class. Whatever classes he teaches, I will sign up for them, he is wonderful!

Debi K.: Enjoyable morning, great demonstration-could watch that all day! Pastels are forgiving and many techniques are shown in a short time. Mandar is patient and encourages freedom of creativity without judgment. Want to do it again! Thanks so much.

Kim G.: Mandar is an excellent, fun teacher who is so patient and spends time with each student. I was definitely a beginner and felt that I learned so much in this class and walked away with a finished piece I am so proud of. I have already started looking online for the next class I can take with him. I highy recommend!

Rebecca: I think you have a warm/positive attitude and I appreciate that. I appreciate your help on my work. Three hours maybe a little long. Thanks for a great afternoon.

Maryann: This pastel class was very enjoyable. I learned so much about working with pastels. Mandar is patient, attentive and very helpful. I would highly recommend it!

Marilyn: thanks for a great class. Very freeing medium. Great teaching. I’ll be back.

Ruth M: First attempt at pastel Art. Learned a lot- Working to overcome shy use of color and over-blending. Want to do more great class exclamation.

Maryann : This was my first  ART CLASS and it was an enjoyable experience. Mandar is attentive, helpful and talented. He made the class comfortable for all levels. Even a novice like me walks away with a painting to enjoy!! Would highly recommend!

Erica A. :Thank you for the inspiring class. I learned to not overthink. 🙂

Jean B. :I really enjoyed this class. The demo was very helpful. Mandar is on hand if you get stuck. I had gangs of fun and will return soon for the pastel class.

Jessica N. : Loved the class. I like that Mandar uses simple tools & materials and has a relaxed attitude towards art. Would love to attend more classes! Thanks!

Cheryl H: Wondeful demonstration. Mandar provides an uplifting environment that fires up creativity & encourages artists to loosen up & trust their intuition.

Nicole K.: Great class! I’m a complete novice but never felt judged or less than the other artists. Our teacher was amazing & helpful. Would recommend.

Cheri Stevens: Like the structure of the class: demo very good and helpful. Learned a lot from instruction/individual. Fun class.

Ann R: Mandar’s class is excellent. My right eye had surgerythis weel which dampened my experienc but not forever. Thank you!

Sherry B. : Wonderful class! First time taking a pastel class and I enjoyed it very much. I will be back next month.

Gabi: Really great class. I feel like I absolutely learned a lot. I’ve never used pastels before so it was fun to try out a new art form. I’m definitely going to try and continue my technique and possibly take another class in the future with you. Thank you!!

Glenn B.: Really enjoyed the class. It was a good class for someone like me

who didn’t have much experience because of the individual attention you paid.

Marlene Kofman: Mandar did a very fine demonstration using all of the materials we would use in our painting. Then he continued to help personally. For me, a beginner in pastels he gave very good guidance.

Christina M: I’am not one to talk much, or am very confident in my work. Mandar caught on that and left me to do my own thing, giving me suggestions as he saw fit, never overbearing. Thanks!!

Michelle Minor: Fun Fabulous Class. Great help with perspective. I’ll do more

Ginny W.: A great class! As a beginner, I learned some important tips to create a masterpiece!

Robert C.: Informal and friendly. Big spread in artistic experience of the students, but all had a good experience. Very informative to watch Mandar work.

Taryn G.: Great class and instructor. It was my first time and he really took time to help me understand what I was doing. Definitely recommend!

Deb P. : New experience using pastel. Great teacher. Shows how to get inspiration for your art. Happy to have taken class. Thanks 🙂

Amy P.: Great class- brings out the inner artist in all of us!

Chris F. : Great class. Mandar is very talented + Shares his knowledge. Very loose + fun.

Kayla W.: Walked into the 2 1/2 Hour class with a cup of coffee and no experience in pastel and left with a good introduction to a new medium and a successful piece of work that was instagrammable. What more could you ask for? Mandar was kind, friendly & kept it easy and fun. 5 Stars!

Colleen S.: Great class! I had no experience painting or drawing and I learned so much and walked away with a painting that I am proud of. Mandar is a wonderful teacher with great patience and explains art in logical and charismatic way.

Stephanie F: The class was great. Loved the demonstration and the individual help. I would never have thought to use some of those colors but they really worked.

Miriam: I like the demonstration, the fact that you make suggestions & show ways to make the painting more interesting, e.g. use colors that bring more interest to the work.

Alex Spehr: He makes it look so easy – and it is! Inspirational to actually do and a great jump start.

Nancy Horton: Learned a lot about a low-cost, fun medium. Great class, inspired to keep going!

Jean Fontana: Fantastic experience and wonderful tutorial. Helping see pastels in a painterly way. Thank you!

Renne: Impressive to see a beautiful painting take shape before our eyes and in only an hour!

Sheila: Great class. He makes it look so easy.

Calvin Lee: Impressive painting of realistic images in an hour.

Andrea: Beautiful painting! You make it look so easy! I will be taking your workshop.

Mary C.: Enjoyed the pastel class a lot! -Liked learning about the sandpaper and the type of pastels used. -Really liked that he demonstrated from the beginning to the end how he created with pastels. -Learned something new with the “underpainting!” -Wouldn’t change anything about the class.

Elina R.: Great instructor! Mandar makes instructions clear and encouraging and supportive to novice artists. Really enjoyable and relaxing.

Michelle M.: Mandar is a wonderful pastel instructor. -Explains his technique well. -He helps when necessary but not until then. -Good music. -Fun people in class. I’ll be back.

Aaron B.: Mandar started with an instructional demo, covering the basic techniques. The class was small, so there was plenty of one-on-one help for those that wanted it. It was a great class to do with my partner. The class was casual and everyone was friendly and had fun together.

Isabel N.: I like the way how he mixes two techniques, pastel and acrylic. It was a fun and great class. He is a wonderful artist.

Dave: Mandar- An Artistic Genius in Levis. Beautifully Done. Thank You.

Glenna B: I have been attending Mandar’s art class at Cardinal Point. I am a new student, and I am learning the “process” of pastel art creation. It is amazing to me, and I am finding great joy in his art.

Amy: Mr. Mandar’s pastel technique is fun and easy to learn. He is a good teacher and fine artist.

Jean E: Mandar has been teaching a pastel class at Cardinal Point for about 3 months and it has been very successful. We al enjoy his demonstrations and instructions.

Patricia Lamborn: I thoroughly enjoyed Mandar’s workshop- I have admired his art for a few years now and I am thankful that he shared his approach and skills so generously with us in a medium I love too- pastel! Looking forward to more opportunities to learn with Mandar!!

Maaret T: Amazing to see picture take shape in under an hour. Was great to watch. SIMPLY GREAT!

Terry A: Thank you for such an inspirational demonstration!

Sue B.: Looks like magic! Thank you thank you

Anna: Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art. Hope to learn more.

Katherine R.: Thank you so much for your inspiring demonstration, your work is beautiful!! I’m looking forward to taking your class.

Maura: Mandar is a great artist, who has a beautiful use of color. Great abstract work. I learned a lot.

Kim K: Fun to watch you paint. So beautiful!

Peggy McInnis: Mandar is a friendly and gentle teacher who presents his lessons with enthusiasm and clarity. We’ve learned lots from him!

Thomas C. Tagliarini: He has a very easy-going manner and was very encouraging. We were able to turn out a finished project at the end of a 2 hours session. We plan to return to take more classes with Mandar.


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