Art Demos

I painted this beach scene inspired by Rodeo Beach, San Francisco in my last online class. This was done in soft pastels on sanded pastel paper. I kept this loose and fresh. Enjoy!

I was inspired by an ordinary scene in my living room and decided to paint it for my weekly Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm PST Zoom class. This is a quick impression that strives to capture the lights and shadows and the contrast between the reds and the greens. I painted the big shapes and blobs of color rather than painting objects.

Here is a recent soft pastels demo in my Zoom class on Thursdays @6:30-7:30pm. It’s the view of San Francico skyline from Oakland. Hope you enjy this 90 second video.

Here is a short time lapse of a recent studio demo in acrylic. The red and yellow sails on a warm afternoon made it an exciting subject for a loose and impressionist painting. Enjoy!

Another time lapse of sail boats at a local yacht club. Hope you enjoy.

How to paint an urban scene. This is a scene on Broadway street in Alameda, CA. I did this as part of my Thurday evening studio class.

How to paint a harbor scene. Here is a scene of the landmark blue ship docked in Alameda estuary. This was done in one of my Thurday evening studio classes.

Below is a time lapse video of a spectacular SF Bay area sunset. Painted in acrylic on panel. Hope you enjoy.

Below is a time lapse video of a California sunset I painted in soft pastels, my favorite medium. I used art 400 sanded paper, just the right surface for pastels.  I start with an underpainting with dark tones and then use a acrylic brush to spread the color.  Once the underpainting is done, I go onto add more colors, layering one on top of another like the impressionist masters like Monet would have done. Enjoy the video and share your comments. Music credit:

Check out below a time lapse video of a flower shop scene. It was done in acrylic on wood panel. 27×36 inches. This scene was inspired by the flower section at a local Safeway. Thats right! Beauty is everywhere!! I started this large piece with orange background to add a warmer feeling to the finished painting. The bright yellows of the sunflowers contracts the blue pots and purple shadows and darker tones. What fun it is to paint flowers.

See more time lapse videos of my art on my YouTube channel here

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