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AEF Art Classes by Otis dad:   

Local artist, Mandar is coming back with two popular art classes this Winter/ Spring season. Sign up at Scroll down for AEF testimonials.

‘Adventures in Color’ teaches painting using various mediums, styles and subjects and is loved by parents and kids alike. Tuesdays @3-4pm on Feb 4, 11, 25, March 3, 10, 17.

’Adventures in Clay Modeling’ teaches sculpting in clay to make birds, animals, superheroes, Pokemon, dinosaurs, and pretty much everything under the sun. Tuesdays @ 3-4pm on April 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19

Mandar, an award winning artist based in Alameda, loves  to teach art to elementary school students of all ages and skill levels using a one-on-one instruction approach. Mandar begins all his classes with live demos and inspires his students to create their own works of art in a single sitting.  He encourages individuality and inspired action. 

Mandar believes that art can truly provide an outlet for self expression and discovery to kids. An artistic activity like painting can help develop creativity and concentration. Early exposure to arts can develop into a lifelong pursuit of joy and well-being.

Mandar also offers painting and sculpture workshops at Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Cardinal Point Oakmont Senior Living Center and at his home studio in Alameda.

Mandar’s art was featured in Alameda Sun, Alameda Magazine and Alameda Preservation Society’s Quarterly publication. He received People’s Choice award in the 2017 Plein Air Paint Out event held in Alameda, CA. He is inspired by the natural beauty of the San Francisco bay area and loves to capture its magnificence through his vibrant paintings. See Mandar’s art here.

After working for 16 years, including 12 years in the fast paced world of investments and financial services, Mandar decided to follow his true passion and  become a full time artist in 2015.  See his art and upcoming events

Here is a short video on how to make a baby elephant with self drying clay. Check it out and feel free to share your creations with me. Can’t wait to see them. Sorry, the video is a little shaky in the beginning.

Another clay video for kids and beginners. I made a little boy relaxing in the woods with his head resting on a log. He has his doggy by his side and a wild animal hides inside the log. Enjoy!!

Tesimonials for kids art classes:

Christine L: Mandar is an amazing artist and he’s equally as wonderful with kids. This is our second year in painting class with Mandar and my two 7 year olds love it! Besides teaching them skills, Mandar always comes up with creative and engaging projects. My boys have come home with many new pieces of art they are very proud of (and are frame worthy at home too). Highly recommend!

Katie D: As I picked my daughter up on the last day she said “I am signed up for the next class, right?” (Right!) I was very impressed at how Mandar worked with a very large age and experience spread to make the class enjoyable and accessible for everyone.  Also I feel like I have to mention that it wasn’t “just” fun; Mandar includes actual artistic instruction as part of the class and my daughter clearly learned some new techniques (lighting, perspective) that she is very pleased to add to her abilities.

Lisa F: Mandar is awesome!! He has taught sculpting and painting classes to my 8 year old which she absolutely loved and looked forward to every week.  I was inspired to take a class of my own and it did NOT disappoint.  Mandar is so passionate about his work.  Watching him demonstrate is so peaceful and relaxing.  He has encouraging words and helpful suggestions for art novices such as myself.  I am utterly non-artistic and even I left that class feeling like a created something beautiful. I can’t wait to take another class!!

Emi J: There are times when you look and say wow that is talent!  Then there are times when you say wow mastery!!!Mandar artistically captures the natural beauty in his artworks so masterfully. Not only that he recently offers youth clay and painting classes via AEF.  And I’m happy at times he will host his small classes in his home studio. What a little gem he is for Alameda and Alameda artists of all ages!  Not only I feel this way but my lil one loves in home studio small group settings as well.

Siska O: My daughter loved learning about different art techniques and creating her own master pieces during “Adventures in Color”. Tuesdays were much more fun since she knew the school day would end on a creative, colorful note! The course also inspired her to draw and paint at home more often.

Jen. L: Just another plug for Mandar’s art classes- he is amazing with kids- both of my daughters LOVED his painting class. I was so impressed with the skill and creativity (and joy!) that his guidance brought out in them. Sign up quick because the spaces get filled up right away!

Lou: Lila had a wonderful time in Mandar’s ‘Adventures in Watercolor’ art class. She created some fantastic pieces that she is very proud of. In Lila’s own words “I really liked the class. I enjoyed the painting and want to be an artist when I grow up!” Mandar is a warm and talented teacher and an accomplished artist who really engages with the Children. The class is fun and I would recommend it for any budding young artist! Cheers!

Liz S: Ryan loved Mandar’s ‘Adventures in Clay’ class. He had a ton of fun and was very proud of his work. He often came home planning to give gifts of his creations, only to later decide he liked them too much and keep them for himself. Mandar created a warm and inspiring environment.

Catherine: We love Mandar’s art classes! Our kinder and second grader took Mandar’s painting and sculpture classes and had a blast. He does such a great job of supporting the kids’ natural enthusiasm for the creative process. He’s also very flexible about catering to each child’s individual interests. Our younger daughter didn’t want to work with the clay, so Mandar kindly allowed her to be a “helper” and even encouraged her to draw alongside the other students. We arrived every afternoon to find a room full of happy kids who were excited to show off their work and explain what they’d learned. Mandar’s experience as both an artist and a parent really shows in the joy he sparks in kids of all ages. Thank you, Mandar! We’re already looking forward to being back in the fall.

Jill F: My son had so much fun in the Painting and Clay classes. He brought home a great variety of projects and even taught me some techniques! Mandar was absolutely fabulous with the group of kids and offers such valuable hands-on exposure to the arts. Both my son and I recommend these classes to anyone looking for some artful fun! Looking forward to the next enrollment! – mom to a happy kindergartner 2019.

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